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What We DO

Triple Bottom Line Consulting

Triple bottom line focuses on People, Planet, and Profit. It places equal emphasis on the economic, social, and environmental impact of your business. Focusing on the triple bottom line allows companies to tap into an unexplored market segment while joining the movement towards sustainability, aligning with UAE’s 2020 vision and creating remarkable impact through your operations, both internally and externally.

Small and Medium Enterprises

For existing SMEs, The Sustainability Platform offers a range of tailored services that will help increase brand value through maximizing their triple bottom line and evaluating avenues for impact and shared value.

Adapting CSR into Long-Term Sustainable Practices

Building on the trend of CSR in the Middle East, The Sustainability Platform helps companies maximize their impact in the community, their stakeholders, the environment, and the start-up ecosystem. Our goal is to help companies get the most out of their CSR budget through community engagement, stakeholder dialogue and targeted initiatives. Our innovative approach to CSR helps connect CSR budgets to high-impact entrepreneurs.

NGOs and Impact

Increasing the outreach, scaling up and getting funding can be challenging for NGOs. The Sustainability Platform offers tailored services that help NGOs reach their goal and make a difference in as many lives as possible. TSP also builds strategic outreach for NGOs to help secure targeted funding for long-term, high-impact projects, whether it revolves around people or the planet.

The Process


Meet The Sustainability Platform (TSP) team! We will help you identify potential areas of sustainable added- value, set realistic goals, and devise an appropriate strategy to achieve desired scalability.


TSP will customize your tailored solution, set the timeline, and develop a brief of the project for optimal efficiency, measuring returns on your triple bottom line.


All relevant data is collected by TSP to ensure transparency and to cultivate and execute the solution to reach desired outcome. Once implemented, staff are given workshops on new, sustainable ways of doing business and shared value. TSP monitors the value created from the adapted programs.


Upon completion, TSP will not leave you all alone! The monitoring process is on-going, with reports on progress taken every six months. TSP is still here to provide you with upgraded, scalable initiatives, stakeholder management and maximizing impact.