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We at The Sustainability Platform (TSP) believe change has to happen from within. TSP offers a series of workshops tailored to the specific needs and corporate culture of the client, whether you are a large corporation, an NGO, a university, or a start-up. We work with renowned incubators and accelerators across the region, helping them with content and programming. For more information on our workshops, click here. Our consulting method develops the business model for clients to integrate sustainability and social impact principles into their core operations, focusing on building scalable strategies that maximize your triple bottom line.


Once the client goes through the consulting process and integration of social business principles, TSP provides brand development services to make sure the impact is maximized, communicated, and understood. TSP specializes in measuring your impact and tailoring your message to help your consumers and partners clearly understand the value you are creating.


TSP helps define social impact metrics that can be used to evaluate high-impact investment opportunities. We develop parameters that cater to the investment fund's mandate, and execute a thorough impact analysis on viable investment opportunities based on those parameters. Our primary focus is in providing a completely unbiased, external impact assessment on the investment opportunity for the investor, in order for the investor to make as educated a decision as possible based on the past, current, and future impact of the proposal once provided the necessary capital.


Once the company is transformed from the inside, the message of sustainability and impact needs to be communicated. TSP will help you identify your key stakeholders and the optimal ways to convey your message. TSP also assists the client with coalition building and community involvement, be it ongoing or ad-hoc.

The Sustainability Platform : Capabilities


For CSR :  Advising on CSR initiatives that have a long-term impact in the community.

For NGOs : Decreasing the dependency on external funding.

For SMEs : Implementing sustainability practices into core business operations.


For CSR :   Increasing the value of every dollar in the CSR budget by creating sustainable strategies.

For NGOs : Help with scaling, outreach and increasing awareness.

For SMEs :  Strategic planning, sustainable mission and vision.


For CSRs :   Move from perceived "greenwashing" towards innovative CSR initiatives in order to maximize impact.  

For NGOs : New outreach methods, creative campaigning and innovative scaling strategies.

For SMEs Innovative social business methods and social innovation.

Change management

For CSR : Managing the shift towards sustainable CSR initiatives.  

For NGOs : Managing the challenges of scaling in different communities.

For SMEs : Managing the transformation towards sustainable business models.

Stakeholder dialogue

For CSR : Communicating the sustainable and fully integrated CSR initiative.  

For NGOs : Engagement with the communities, potential partners and investors.

For SMEs : Communicating new sustainable strategy and the shift towards a new way of doing business.

People and Organization

For CSR, NGOs and SMEs : Managing corporate culture, assisting with employee retention and developing leadership and talent through tailor-made workshops

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